Best way to debug modulus code?

Hi, May I know what’s the best way to debug modulus code?

Preferably with GUI.

In Linux and Windows (with WSL).


Hi @tsltaywb

Modulus is a collection of Python libraries, so any Python debugger should be a good choice given your specific needs (developers on our side use IDE’s like VSCode, PyCharm, NeoVIM, etc that each offer different debugging tools). PyCharm is a popular one, with a lot of debugging features from my understanding. If your actively editing the source code of Modulus I would suggest looking into editable pip installing Modulus.

Ok thanks!

I wonder if anyone has experience with debugging Modulus with Docker in Windows 10 WSL2 and VSCode (or any other debugger). If so, is there any guide on how to set it up? I tried previously a while back but it didn’t work.