Best way to duplicate Flow fire emitters?

See, I have made here a default sample flow fire, then changed the emitter to be a box emitter. Then I have used “Transform Constraints” command to tie the fire to the book.

Now here you see how I manage to duplicate this Xform and constraining it to second book.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this?
Like where I can control the behavior of all flames from one flow settings?

This is the only way I know how to do this. I know this is even better:

But i am sure the point cloud method is not working here, as I have falling books.

I am really proud about Omniverse, since I got it this far by just a hunch!

To duplicate with shared settings, duplicate only the FlowEmitter prims, but keep one each of FlowSimulate/FlowOffscreen/FlowRender. On each Flow prim there is a ‘layer’ attribute that is an integer. This is what currently aligns Flow prims into a common scene.
To better organize things, you can move FlowSimulate/FlowOffscreen/FlowRender out to World, they don’t need to be next to the FlowEmitter.