Best way to feed raw images (RGB matrices) into NVidia format

I would like to feed a set of images, in RGB matrix format (not reading from camera stream or log directly), into several NVidia perception applications. I am aware of the dwImageCPU and dwImageGPU formats by checking applications like image_streamer_simple and camera blindness. The closest thing that I can see to the raw image format is in the and I guess this requires the frames in the GPU kernel to be copied back into CPU.

I am wondering what would be the best “nvidia way” to inject my raw RGB matrices into NVidia applications.

Thanks in advance



Hi goksan.isil,

Could we know which DriveWorks version you’re using? Are you using DriveWorks 1.2?

I’m using Driveworks 2.0

Dear Goksan,
If the images are on GPU already, you can wrap them in dwImageCUDA else you need to use dwImageCPU.

Note: We have DW 1.2 in our last release for DRIVE PX 2. If you are using DRIVE AGX platform, please post your query in to avoid confusion