Beta testers wanted

Hello, I’m developing a program for fast fMRI analysis ( by using CUDA and I need some people to test my program before I release it. The source code is intended to be released under GNU GPL. The program is currently being developed for Windows 7 64 bit, but is intended to be released for Linux as well. You need a Fermi GPU and CUDA 4.0. I can NOT give you any money for the testing. If you are interested, contact me at

Does the software run on Windows XP 64 bit also? How much memory does one need to run it (both GPU and system memory)?

Does the required MRI come with FedEx or by UPS? How many metric tons would that weigh? ;)


I don’t know if it runs on Win XP but it would be good to know :)

If you want to test the program I’ll attach some test datasets. For the smaller datasets I think that 2-4 GB of system memory and 500 MB of GPU memory is sufficient, for the bigger ones I think that at least 4 GB of system memory and 1 GB of GPU memory is necessary.