Better way to edit and define <file>.app.json file

Is there a better way to edit/modify/define the .app.json? If not, will there be a better way?

One would think that with all of the macros and other abstractions Isaac leverages, there would be a better tool for creating the this file, which seems to really dictate everything and is crucial to the proper behavior.

Even something like YAML might be a little less overwhelming due to the less verbose syntax and formatting.

For example, is over 900 lines long of plumbing to connect everything, and all it does is perform random way-point navigation. It just seems overly aggressive.

Unless I have missed something in the tutorials, I would really love to see a tool to help auto generate it.

The next Isaac release 2019.2 will introduce subgraphs. This feature will allow you to build an applications out of other sub-applications. We converted all apps to this new method and their are far less complex now. It also allows code reuse of common sub-applications like the navigation stack.

Other ways of editing and creating applications might follow in future releases, but we are focusing on functionality at the moment.