Beyond Watercooling?

Today I was thinking about an old company I had heard of a long time ago, and wondering if they were still in business. Turns out, they’re not, but I found a good Anandtech review article about the last system they put out:

Sometime towards Q3-Q4 of this year, I’m looking to build a new development box, and I was wondering if there was anyone around that still built computers or cases that use the “Vapor Phase Cooling” methods (like your standard refrigerator). I will probably put 2x GTX295 cards in the machine, but between that and the processor fans, I’m afraid that it’ll sound like a jet engine. I thought this could be a solution to the noise problem, and perhaps also have the extra benefit of allowing a little overclocking.


EDIT: Found this forum, I’m going to poke around there and see what I can find:

phase change cooling is noisy. it costs a LOT of money. it is only worth it if you are going for an extremely high overclock. watercooling on the other hand is probably 10 times cheaper, a lot quieter, much safer and still allows for a great overclock.