BFG GeForce 210 Cuda Overheating?

I bought this card and after like a month the card has been heating up. Its always at about 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit. I cleaned the fan, and on top of that i added a extra fan on top of the actual fan so basically there are a two layers of can cooling the video card. which would be good but the card is still over heating, now that i looked into some site s and they say that i should be able to control the fan of the card so i installed the latest Nvidia drivers and the performance program that goes with with and there is a setting where i can change the fan speed but the slider doesn’t move. can any of you guys here explain to me why this isn’t working for me?

Thanks BluerjB

Windows Ultimate 32bit
650 power supply
Intel Dual Core E5300 2.60Ghz(overclocked) to 3.14Ghz
BFG GeForce 210 with added Cooler on top
2G ram
ASUS P5KPL-CM MotherBoard

By any chance, are you using the 196.75 driver? If so, this is a known problem.

The 196.21 whql driver broke most utilities that control overclocking features of the GPU. EVGA precison (newest version) will work with that driver set to manipulate the fans. But this issue was corrected in the newest beta driver.

The 196.75 whql driver had issues but none that effected softwares ability to control the fans speed. It messed up the throttling features for the fan on some GPUs.

Ohh ok then that makes sense… annoying question but can you guys point me to that driver or what ever is best?

but how come i still cant get the fan to change speeds

Ohh and is my mod dangerous? Any tips to increase the geforce 210 cuda performance?