bhattacharya distance

please , can anyone help me with calculating bhattacharya distance ? or how to check if the martix is positive definite??

it’s urgent please help (!)

not even Wolfram Alpha knows about this distance metric… But Wikipedia does ;)

positive definite matrix <=> all eigenvalue must be positive. So it’s an eigenvalue problem. For the coding it depends on the size

and specificity of your matrix.

thnq alexish, do we have any inbuilt function to find the eigenvalues of matrix?? Actually i am working on images , so my matrix will be around 200X200. but anyways , if u know how to find eigenvalues of even smaller matrices like 4X4, plz let me know ,i can change it according to my need.


Finding the eigenvalues of a matrix is not a trivial problem, you have different methods and the choice depends on the size and specificity of the matrix. Beside that it’s not a cuda related problem but a math problem. Look at “numerical receipes” or goggle for it.