Bi-Linear Interpolation of 2-D Texture

Hey folks,

             I am finding some issues with bilinear filtering a float 2 component 2D-Texture. I would describe the things in following steps for clarity
  1. Declare the Texture

where dirtex was populated as follows ( its a 2 components 2x2 Texture )

With a single Block and 4x4 Threads I get the following output when performing a texture fetch

first two values are the output of the fetch and the latter 2 are the texcoords used to perform the fetch (x and y respectively for both the structures)

I am aware of the fact that there is a precision limit on filtering a 2D Texture which is :: You can extract only upto 512 values between a pair of texels. Clearly I am not even close to that

Any help is appreciated

Have a good day


How do you declare texglobal?