Big shader compiling after installing ominverse connector for Unreal

Hi! I’mUnreal engin user.
i installed Omniverse and Unreal connector for Audio to Face yesterday
today i created new project folders and suddenly more than one thousand Shader compiling message(preparing shaders) is pop up on unreal and it takes so many time(about 1hour)

I think it’s about MDL Maaterial compiling
is this normal having this long compling time every new project files?

and is this necessary? can i avoid it?

Hello there @dhsong and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

From my own experience I can tell you that whenever I start a new project based on a template I have not used before, Unreal will start compiling a lot of shaders. Just yesterday I started an FPS project from a fresh UE5 install and UE started compiling more than 6500 shaders. It took a while to finish…

But usually this only happens once, not every time you open your project or create a new one based on the same template. When you are in your UE project, you might still see “Preparing Shaders” as a message, which will still happen in the background, but that should be a one-time only occurrence per project as well.

What might reduce the amount of shaders compiled on project creation is to chose “Scalable” instead of “Maximum” in the initial Quality settings of your template. But I did not try that myself, so your mileage may vary.

For more discussions on the topic you are also welcome to join our forum category specifically for the Unreal Engine connector for Omniverse or discuss on the Omniverse Discord server.

I hope this helps!

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