Binary shaders incompatible between two processes on the same machine?

Curious thing …

I’m writing out a binary program from process A then load it in another process B on the same machine and get the following error (upon checking the program link status): “Program binary could not be loaded. Binary is not compatible with current driver/hardware combination. Driver build date Feb 24 2020. Please check build information of source that generated the binary.”.

I can load the binary program again fine in process A. And, if I write the same shader source as a binary program from process B then I can’t load it in A with the exact same error message. The binaries generated by A and B differ in only one bit in the program header (the actual binary part before the ascii instructions).

Again this is on the same computer with the processes run immediately after each other (no hardware or driver changes between the runs), the OpenGL contexts are created with the same version/profile, there are no driver application settings for these processes so they both use the base profiler.

Looking for ideas on what state may affect the programs here?

Windows 10 Pro 1903
Driver 442.50
Quadro RTX 6000

Many thanks!