BIOS Flash 2080Ti non A-Chip


Hi. I hope I’m right here, I was referred here by support. I have had a GeForce 2080 TI since the release. this appeared in two types: with an A-Chip and a non-A-Chip. The A-Chips were among others on the Founders Edition and some OC editions. The BIOS differ with the respective cards / manufacturers in terms of the PowerLimit. For the non-A cards, it is 280 watts (occasionally 310 watts). The A cards are available with 380 watts and more. It is possible to flash the BIOS between each other, but only the A-BIOS on an A card and the non-A BIOS on a non-A card. In the 2070/2080, the distinction between the two types of chip was abolished over time. Then there were only A cards. For old “non-A cards” the board partners received a BIOS that canceled this. With the 2080 TI, however, this limitation still exists. Since I use water to cool my card and thus there are reserves, I would like to increase the power limit. Does NVidia have the option of canceling the lock or the limitation or an adapted BIOS?