BIOS Info Linux

I am looking for an utility or a simple way that could provide me with the BIOS version of my NVIDIA GPU. Does somebody know if that exists for Linux ?


From the command line you can do something like this:

$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/1
Model: Tesla C1060
IRQ: 122
Video BIOS:
Card Type: PCI-E
DMA Size: 40 bits
DMA Mask: 0xffffffffff
Bus Location: 04.00.0

Or you can use the NVIDIA X Server Settings GUI which also shows the same information for each GPU.

The third party nvclock utility will also get you that information:

-- General info --

Card: 		nVidia Geforce 9500GT

Architecture: 	G96 A1

PCI id: 	0x640

GPU clock: 	594.000 MHz

Bustype: 	PCI-Express

-- Shader info --

Clock: 1512.000 MHz

Stream units: 32 (011b)

ROP units: 8 (b)

-- Memory info --

Amount: 	512 MB

Type: 		128 bit DDR3

Clock: 		799.200 MHz

-- PCI-Express info --

Current Rate: 	16X

Maximum rate: 	16X

-- Sensor info --

Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor

GPU temperature: 48C

Fanspeed: 41.2%

-- VideoBios information --


Signon message: G96 P727 SKU 0001 VGA BIOS

Performance level 0: gpu 550MHz/shader 1400MHz/memory 800MHz/1.00V/100%

VID mask: 1

Voltage level 0: 0.95V, VID: 1

Voltage level 1: 1.00V, VID: 0

Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately it seems that both solutions are not working with Tesla GPU. I got ??.??.??.?? for the BIOS version.

I am having the same trouble. I have a CentOS 5.5 server with 2 Tesla C1060 cards and one Nvidia NVS290 card for graphics output. I’m using Nvidia driver

When I run cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards for any of the 3 cards, the Video BIOS shows up as ??.??.??.??.??

Are there other utilities which will provide information for Tesla C1060 cards? These cards are not working correctly on my system.

In fact the ??.??.??.?? arrises when the X server is running using another diplay than the TESLA. We have received a Fermi GPU with a video output and then running the X server on that GPU we are now able to get the BIOS info with

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0