Bios performance

Hello world!
I spent a lot of time with the bios editor of the Maxwell and Kepler version of your graphics cards and I discovered that you waste a potential for your cards, I think you do the same with the current generations. I manage to have a much lower consumption whether in idle or stress for more performance for example on the GTX 970m I am at 40 watt for better performance than the original bios which exceeds 65w with a reduced frequency (I specify well at reduced frequency what is incredible.) With a frequency of 600mhz on the 970m I exceed a stock 970m at 1038mhz on all bench, software and video games. So I surpass all your graphics cards in terms of consumption/performance which is not negligible, the technology is 2014 imagine what you can achieve with current technology. I also tried it on a GTX 760 which also gives me a very good rendering. I would like to study your current technology to provide a better balance. I can make your cards consume much less for more performance while leaving users with an overclock margin because many are fans. Good day to you:)