So I’m going on a road trip I want to take something with me to capture the sky and detect things in the video like birds, planes, etc.

Here is what I have so far.


Code wise, I will put that on another thread and edit it into this post later.

Right now I’m hoping for advice on a good way to bond the camera to the clear plastic surface. This things is going to be mounted on top of a moving vehicle so I need to reduce reflection and vibration.

I was thinking epoxy unless somebody has a better idea. Does anybody know of a good optically clear expoxy that will bond clear plastic to plastic? Has anybody tried Gorilla Epoxy for this?

One idea might be to use what the drone folks use, Kyosho Vibration Absorption Sheet:
It’s kinda like a double sided tape, but absorbs some of the vibrations.
You might to look around for different thicknesses, there’s also a 3mm version.