Bizarre experience: keyboard breaks my argus app

Doesn’t break any nvidia sample apps. My code only, but code that doesn’t do anything but capture, compress and stream.
When an Adesso AKB-310UB keyboard/track ball is plugged in, ICaptureSession::repeat() never returns and capture doesn’t start.
We have a bunch of tegras capturing and any minor issue led to this keyboard/mouse combo getting plugged in and a monitor attached. It seemed completely random. For weeks.
Mostly venting, but also heads up. Will elaborate if I ever figure out why/how.

In cases of odd behavior like this over USB I tend to start by suggesting you use a powered HUB. Is your HUB powered? Also, which USB port is used for the involved keyboard/track ball (micro or full-sized)?

I am also curious if all of this keyboard device is standard HID class…probably it is, but does that keyboard have any special features (like being programmable)? Most likely the keyboard is logically several devices sharing a single USB cable…how many ways is this keyboard listed in the output of “lsusb”?

Hi dhp,

Have you found the cause to know how the problem occur?
Any further information can be shared?