BKGD interface


I have a micro controller connected to JTX1 with BKGD interface connected to a gpio of JTX1
Can i use any GPIO for connecting to the micro controller and send commands to the GPIO for erasing and programming the flash?
If I can Is there any linux driver code available for using BKGD Interface for sending commands and programming the flash of micro controller?
From Tx1 datasheet it can be seen that only I2C pins are supporting open drain logic is there any GPIO supports Open drain (BKGD interface can be connected to any GPIO pin that supports Open drain O/P configured to use as BKGD interface mentioned in the controller datasheet )
But in TX1 only I2C pins and few control pins and Special fn pins Like CEC and PEX reset and PM bus pins are only having the support if there is no other pin is supporting what can be done in that case ?

JTX1 does not support BKGD interface directly, you need to program driver for it. And Open Drain mode need external pull up resistor like I2C interface, currently on JTX1, only I2C has such resistor. Maybe you can try BKGD with I2C, but I think that is a heavy workload.

thanks for the reply

can I USE other GPIO as open drain by providing resistors externally?Is software support available for this ?

Only a few pins can be set to open drain type. You can find them in chapter 4.0 of module datasheet (http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-module-data-sheet), only those ‘DD’ type pads support open drain.