Black screen after booting with no option linux OS

kwin --replace does, unfortunately, not solve the problem (it does reload but the menu is still not accessible). I found another option:

killall -9 plasmashell
QSG_RENDER_LOOP=basic /usr/bin/plasmashell &

Not sure if the QSG_RENDER_LOOP variable is required, but the plasmashell crash is (temporarily) resolved. Have to run this script every 5-10 minutes which is OK for now but not on the long run, of course.

Ok, seems to be a different issue with plasmashell and notification animation, likely unrelated to the nvidia driver (which has a problem with kwin). A workaround seems to be to disable the animations:
killall plasmashell
kstart plasmashell --shut-up

This leaves me with a system without any menu’s and window-handles. I have to re-run the plasmashell without kstart to get a working system again.

not sure if you can conclude that it is unrelated to the nvidia driver. Never had this problem until we managed to get the nvidia driver to work without giving me a black screen…

Found this discussion.
Trying this now. This seems to stop the system tray popups, but also stops the plasmashell hangs. Will come back if this does not help…

Again no luck :(

I’ve manually turned off the system popups in ALL sections of KDE System Settings/Personalization/Notifications. This way the system is stable up to the moment KDE decides to spit out a notification which cannot be turned off.

It would be worth it to know which part of the notification is causing the problem: the notification itself, the transparency, the animation, the overlay… I have no idea but if it could be turned off, that would help a lot.

I have still one other question. I have a secondary screen on my laptop connected with HDMI. For some reason this screen, showing a desktop background does not accept to have its own panels added. Would it be required to add additional entries in the xorg.conf? If so, could you help me to configure this?

That should be a plain KDE thing, if you can move windows onto the other monitors.

I can move windows into the second monitor, but I cannot create panels (like the default system tray or program menu’s). If I switch back to the i915 card it works as expected

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