Black screen during high-temperature pressure testing on Custom Carrier Board

I am doing high-temperature pressure test for Xavier AGXi on Custom Carrier Board usin, using Jetson Linux 32.7.1, and black screen appears at 85℃. I don’t know if it’s due to temperature restrictions or not. It has run successfully at 103℃, and I have a cooling fan. What could be the reason for it?
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Hi suchen1,

Could you share the full serial console log at this moment for further check?

Is there the black screen when you achieve 103℃? Or only at 85℃?

Sorry, I didn’t connect serial when it happend.
The phenomenon occurs when running for about 150mins at 85 ° C, and didn‘t appear at 103℃ in a period of time.
It hasn’t been reproduced all day now, so I think the possible reason maybe prolonged operation under temperature limitations?

We would need to check the serial console log for the cause of black screen.
Or it may be just caused from the suspend on you board?
Please keep monitoring if you could reproduce the issue and provide the serial console log for further check.

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