Black Screen on boot on asus Nvidia Laptop (535.154.05 version propiertry drivers)

Whenever I switch to a Linux kernel version 6.6 or higher, the laptop screen displays distorted colors with black patches upon boot. To avoid this issue, I am currently using Void Linux with a 6.5 kernel. I’ve tested the problem on Void Linux with kernel versions 6.6.17, 6.6.13, and 6.7. Additionally, I’ve tried a live ISO of Arco Linux (an Arch-based distro with Nvidia support) with both proprietary and open-source drivers, and the same issue persists.

Display Broken on asus Nvidia Laptop →
Laptop Model → ROG Zephyrus G15 GA502IV 1.0
Kernal Version → 6.6.17
Last Working kernal version → 6.5.13
Primary Os → Void linux
nvidia Package version → 535.154.05
Nvidia Card → NVIDIA Corporation TU106M [GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q] (2.8 MB)

Your internal display is driven by the amd igpu, the amdgpu driver comes with the kernel and obviously has a bug. Do you use the native resolution of your display?

Yes. I am using native resolution of screen. I tried a iso which didn’t have any sort of nvidia drivers installed and it still had the same issue.

The nvidia gpu is not involved in this so the driver doesn’t matter. You can only try latest kernels being 6.7.6 or 6.8-rc5 and if that doesn’t work you’ll have to report a bug with amdgpu or check if there’s already one:

Ok. Thanks for your time. It is clear now that the issue is with the amd gpu drivers rather than nvidia.

Did you try “modesetting” driver instead of “amd” driver (radeon, flglx) ?
If amd iGpu default driver doesn’t work, maybe modesetting could ?

I know your default display is broken, but you could try using Prime Display instead ?