Black screen ubuntu 22.04 QP2200

I have tried many of the debug steps I’ve been able to find for this issue (which are plentiful) to no avail.

I have a QP2200 installed on a custom pc with intel 10900k. I have windows on my first m2 ssd and just installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a second m2 ssd. I am running the recommended driver 515.

I’m able to get to the login screen when I delete quiet splash and add nomodeset to grub, but after I input my password I get the input not supported screen. By adding 3 to the end of the linux line in grub, I’m able to boot in text mode (thus far ctrl+alt+f1-f6 haven’t worked to load the terminal which is why I’ve resorted to this appending of 3). From terminal I’ve reinstalled Nvidia Drivers and tried deleting xconf files.

Thank you in advance for any help.
nvidia-bug-report.log (267.1 KB)

Did you already try to downgrade to driver 470 to rule out a driver bug?