Black screen when resuming Legion on Fedora 38

I have a Lenovo Legion 7 (16ACHg6) that I have recently installed Fedora 38 with Gnome 44 on. I have the laptop in hybrid mode and using the AMD and NVIDIA gpus built into the laptop (as suggested in another form to get brightness control working). Whenever I put the computer to sleep the computer will successfully go to sleep (blinking logo on lid) but when trying to resume the fans will spin up and lights will come on but the display will remain black. I have noticed that this issue can be repeated easily when the laptop is on battery. This happens less when plugged in but will still happen if the computer is left to sleep for a long time.

Here is my output:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (110.6 KB)

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There was no suspend/resume cycle visible in the logs.

Interesting…I might need to run the bug report script closer to the time it has the problem. I will create a new log and attach it here when I get home.

Alright here is the bug report log. Hopefully this one has it. Did it right after it had the problem. Also I am getting this error in the Gnome Problem Reporting about the Nvidia Modules.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (110.9 KB)

It’s the wifi if you have broadcom, look on reddit, you need to create a script that shuts down the wifi module and resumes it on wake. There is a bug in firmware or kernel, shouldn’t be nvidia related

My wifi is MEDIATEK so I’m not sure that is the issue. And when looking up the broadcom issue the problems are not what I’m experiencing.

So I have some more information. I have also posted this problem on the Fedora Project Forums also. They had me boot into the live image that does not have the graphics driver and see if the computer will standby. It did suspend and resume no problems at all. The problems start as soon as the Nvidia driver is installed.

When encountering issues with the display remaining black upon resuming from sleep on a lenovo legion 7 laptop with hybrid graphics using both AMD and Nvdia GPUs, you must installed latest graphics drivers as they often include bug fixes and optimizations.