Black Screen with GPU


Specs on the build are…

MB: AsRock h81 pro btc
CPU: Intel Celeron G1840
PSU: Corsair RM1000i
GPU: GTX 1060 gaming x (using pcie riser cables for 4 gpus currently testing with just 1)
OS: Linux Mint 64 bit

without GPU Installed with pcie riser cables everything works fine i installed operating system and get into bios

once I install one of the GPUs with pcie riser cables and power connection to the PSU the system turns on fans spin lights on with the gpu but there is no display whatsover on the monitor. Any advice would be appreciated as to why it’s not working. I’ve tried doing a cmos reset and also testing out the other gpus since I have 4 of them all i’m getting is a blank screen unless i remove the GPU then the display will work.

That’s very unspecific, two possibilities:

  • riser cables defunct
  • bios set to disable onboard gpu if other is detected.