Black screen with kernel 5.19 with driver 515.18.07

Anyone has experience using kernel 5.19 with NVIDIA closed-source driver? I usually get black screen, but sometimes works fine. I couldn’t track why this behavior. I know kernel 5.19 is still in development, but I would like to use it, I just get this erratic behavior and I think is related to NVIDIA driver.

I’m trying to upload the logs generated by tool but I’m getting an error here in the forum.

Try to unzip and upload as text file.

Here it is: (3.0 MB)

That’s from a boot with a 5.18 kernel. Also nothing suspicious from the previous boots logged.

I couldn’t get the GDM screen with kernel 5.19. Here is the kernel logs for 5.19.
kernel-5.19.0.log (520.4 KB)

Not really anything unusual to be seen. Does it reliably reach the login if you remove “splash” from kernel cmdline?

I disabled splash and quiet and enabled to get console only and still got nothing. I think could be sometime in initramfs. I will try to reboot my machine using the integrated GPU

Here is logs for my current boot using the Intel GPU instead of the NVIDIA one
kernel-5.19.0-intel.log (863.1 KB)

Seems rather i915 related, when booting to multi-user also gets no output. The nvidia gpu isn’t used at all in that case. On the boot to black:
i915 0000:00:02.0: [drm] failed to retrieve link info, disabling eDP
Please check with with the i915 issue tracker.

I was able to boot with kernel 5.19 with the newer driver version.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.3 MB)

I updated the firmware of my machine (a Dell G15 5511 machine) and again I had the black screen problem. I can pass the problem if I set nomodeset in the kernel options, but of course, that’s not the ideal.
Do you need any information to debug? Remembering I can’t produce detailed logs if I have the black screen, but I can get previous dmesg logs.

This kernel is with nomodeset option set. Works fine.
linux-5.19.0-15-generic-nomodeset-no-problem.log (910.0 KB)
This kernel is 5.19.1 bleeding edge with modeset not disabled (I think is enabled). Doesn’t work and I get the black screen.
linux-5.19.1-with-modeset-with-problem.log (397.3 KB)

Ican’t really help you, the problem is the intel gpu with its i915 driver which doesn’t get along with your bios.
nomodeset disables the i915 driver so graphics runs on the efi frambuffer.

Understood. That’s anything I will lose if I disable modesetting in general (with nomodeset)? I also was able to make work with i915.modeset=0. IMHO, NVIDIA driver is quite dependent on modesetting being enabled.

The notebook will be nearly useless on the internal display, only software rendering available, no brightness settings etc.
Did this also happen with earlier kernels.

Yeah. I was unable to set brightness. I had to set acpi_backlight=video to get fixed.