Blacklisted plugin

In order to run 3d network in deepstream ,I want to make my own plugin
my environment is as follow:

deepstream-app version 6.1.1
DeepStreamSDK 6.1.1
CUDA Driver Version: 11.4
CUDA Runtime Version: 11.4
TensorRT Version: 8.4
cuDNN Version: 8.4
libNVWarp360 Version: 2.0.1d3

Then ,I copy the gst-nvinfer and rename it as gst-nvinfer-3d,and I change the name of .so and register name

static gboolean
nvinfer_plugin_init (GstPlugin * plugin)
GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_INIT (gst_nvinfer_debug, “nvinfer3d”, 0, “nvinfer3d plugin”);
gst_debug_category_set_threshold (gst_nvinfer_debug, GST_LEVEL_INFO);

return gst_element_register (plugin, “nvinfer3d”, GST_RANK_PRIMARY,

Then i get my plugin blacklisted , how can I solve this problem ? thanks!

Blacklisted files:

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The blacklist means the plugin registration failure. This is basic GStreamer programming skills. Please refer to GStreamer community. Constructing the Boilerplate (

Please check the items listed in the plugin template, they should be compatible to each other and should not be duplicated with any other plugins.

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