Blackscreen with the xorg bypass

i have a 1050 4gb mobile and when i plug an external monitor into my gpu. full screen games are getting a huge performance boost with the xorg bypass.

but sometimes games like satisfactory causes black-screen on the external monitor. but if i exit full screen mode i can see the game rendering properly.

later today i will test more games and make a small list of games the doesn’t work

i have this bug since nvidia offload was added to the driver. im currently running the lastest beta driver

all the folowing directx version are based on the steam page

can confirm the bug affecting the following games:
Among us (directX 10 → vulkan)
10 miles to safety (directX 10 → vulkan)
Going medieval (directX 11 → vulkan)
Stick fight the game (directX 9 → vulkan)
Space Enginers (directX 11 → vulkan)
mass effect legendary launcher ( directx 11 → vulkan)
breathedge (directX 10 → vulkan)
Starcitizen (dxvk 1.9.X)( DirectX 11 → vulkan)
Portal 2 (native - vulkan) but not on Portal 2 opengl
portal 2 use d9vk to translate dx9 to vulkan WITHOUT wine

but the bug doesn’t reproduce on those games:
StardewValley (directx 10 → vulkan)
Tricky tower (directx 10 → vulkan)
The witness (directx 10 → vulkan)
Csgo (opengl)
Starcitizen (dxvk 1.7.X)( DirectX 11 → vulkan)

Did you try the 470 beta driver yet?

yes and it doesn’t fix this issue

The issue also manifest itself on
doom eternal (vulkan) and doom 2016(vulkan)
but not on doom 2016(opengl)

i have a new laptop. with a rtx3070 the issue is still there

driver 470.63.01nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (414.3 KB)

Edit: it seems that the name is not xorg bypass but Reverse PRIME Bypass

I have the same exact issue with a GTX 1650, reverse prime bypass causes a black screen. Note: It usually takes a couple of seconds for the screen to become black.

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Maybe just adding an option to disable PRIME bypass could help people confirm the issue?

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the issue is still present with the latest version of the driver 470.74

the bug is till not fixed.

But since Xorg bypass don’t exist in wayland (as in Xwayland bypass) the bug is not present. on the other hand wayland on the external monitor only works in kde plasma…

Still no changes, can we at least get information about the whether or not nvidia is tracking the bug

I have great news guys, i discovered what is causing this bug.
When nvidia implemented this features they clearly haven’t tested it properly.

since most desktop environement support unrediection alredy enabeling prime offload causes conflicts and thus the blackscreens.

on gnome you can disable this option with this extention

and i think kde has an option for that too