Blank screen during Jetpack installation on TK1

I’m stuck installing Jetpack on my TK1 development board. I was first using Jetpack 2.0 (as a normal user, not root). After the Component manager goes through its steps, I click next, and there is a blank window with only “Finish” available, instead of “Next”. This is the point where the install guide says it will prompt me for network setup and which ethernet port to use.

I then tried getting the 2.1 version of Jetpack, and during the component manager, I got error 29 as some other posters have noted regarding the Tegra Graphics item on the list. When I select “no action” for that, it successfully goes through the rest of the items on the list. Then the same problem shows up where I get a blank window with only a “Finish” option.

Any advice?

Hi Michael,

Error 29 is usually caused by a known issue: JetPack does not support spaces in installation path. Can you please check if this is case for you?

Hey the installer is doing the same thing when it gets to the package installation/action screen. There’s no spaces in the path btw. I previous selected a custom installation to get around a problem with the a CUDA .deb using manual installation.

Anybody seen or have a workaround for this problem ?

Update… It was just the networking being down in my virtual instance. It’s working now