Blank screen & frozen-like computer after resume from suspend to ram

I have been having problems with all the recent 3xx drivers and now with 304.64 resuming from suspend has completely stopped working and I decided to report it. Here are the details.

The problem occurs when the computer resumes from suspend to ram. I get a blank screen (the screen does not go into power saving mode tough) and I can change into text consoles with ctrl+alt+f1 etc. However, if I try to login from the text console, after entering my username, I don’t get the password prompt, which I should obviously get. It just waits like that. But the computer is not frozen. I can still change the text consoles but have the same behaviour in all of them.

With previous drivers, I had this bug frequently but not always like in the 304.64.

I tried and I can not ssh into computer.
nvidia-bug-report.log.bmp (104 KB)

PS: can not upload .gz extension attachments, so simply renamed the extension to bmp.