Blank tty on text console with latest drivers.

310.19, twinview with two monitors and tty set to pure text mode.
When i switch to it, i just see a black screen.
wasn’t this bug solved in the past?

Does it work with some other driver? Does removing the “pcie_aspm=force” kernel command line option help? Also, is your kernel configured for a VGA text-mode console, or something else? The NVIDIA kernel module prints a message about that if it’s not, but your kernel log is filled with

“Loading kernel module for a network device with CAP_SYS_MODULE (deprecated). Use CAP_NET_ADMIN and alias netdev- instead.”

messages so it might have gotten lost if it did.

Yep, is a text console,
i failed to find the steps to reproduce the issue,seems to be random, but i’ll try to remove pcie_aspm=force and see if it will happen again, thanks for answering.

nouveau works fine.
Now i tested without pcie_aspm=force, but after 3 days uptime (maybe less, i didn’t checked every minute!), tty is blank again…

In the past i used to play on a temporary secondary X server for performance reasons.
Now my uptime is 6 days and i still have the tty (didn’t played any game…)
So it seems that the issue is triggered by a second X server.


I have the same issue with 331.38. But it simply turns of the screen when switching to a TTY (which is displayed on the internal screen under normal/working circumstances).

If I set my video to nvidia only in the bios, I can drive the laptop screen with the nvidia driver, but have this problem. If I boot the system, the TTY is used, but after X starts, the problem occurs.
If enable optimus, I can drive the laptop screen with the intel driver and I am able to switch to the TTY normally. So the kernel is able to provide this switch.