blas compilation issue

In the code below I am having the following issue which arose while trying to write a wrapper (which I’m still struggling with and could use some help) to zgemm in BLAS so that I can use it more easily:

program zgemm_wrap
implicit none
integer, parameter :: N = 2
double complex, dimension(N, N) :: A, B
real, dimension(N, N) :: x
real, dimension(2) :: y

y = (/ 1.0, 2.0 /)

A = reshape((/ 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 /), (/ 2, 2/))

call ZGEMM(‘N’, ‘N’, N, N, N, 1.0d0, A, N, A, N, 1.0d0, B, N)
write(*, *) B

write(*, *) matmul(A, A)

end program zgemm_wrap

If I comment out line 8 (i.e. the initialization of y) the results from zgemm are correct, namely (7, 10, 15, 22).
However, if I uncomment it, the results are incorrect; (7 + i14, 10 + i20, 15 + i30, 22 + i44). That is, the imaginary component becomes non-zero (which it shouldn’t) and curiously has a value twice that of the real component. I’ve had a similar problem in the past where the presence of a write statement fixed or destroyed the calculations

I’m using PGI 19.10 community edition on windows 10
I’m not sure what elso to include regarding my machine.

final remarks:
(1) Compiling with gcc (and pgi) on a linux machine at my university does not reproduce the error
(2) Running with the option -C for the pgi compiler seems to fix the error, so I suspect it has to do with array bounds.
(3) Due to the above I initially thought it may be an issue with BLAS on my machine, since I am just using what came with the pgi program.
(4) I just realized that writing out the variable y at the end of the program solved the issue, but I have no idea why. Curiously, it doesn’t fix the problem if I wrote it out at the beginning. I suspect the issue lies with y
(5) Just to be sure, I compile as: pgf90 zgemm_wrap.f90 -lblas, and then run the following executable.

thanks for any help!

Your Zgemm call is attempting to do the operation

B = AA + betaB

The first error is that the multiplier beta is required to be double complex; you are passing the double precision real constant 1d0

The second error is that when beta is not zero, B has to be set before the call. You have left B undefined.

x and y are not used in the calculation of B, so their values are immaterial.

Wow! Thank you so much. Of course, you are correct. I was worried my issue was in calling BLAS, which is confirmed. I was just so confused because initializing y seemed to solve the problem, as did other random things.
Interesting the issue didn’t arise on my university cluster, or when I invoked the -C option on the pgi compiler. I naively thought the variables would be initialized to zero; lesson learned the hard way…
Again, thank you, I’m quite new to programming and have found it difficult. I’ll have to be more careful.

It is quite straightforward to check if you have the arguments correctly arranged and initialized, although it does take a bit of reading and thinking during the first consultation.

For Zgemm (and, similarly, any BLAS routine), the documentation at

lists the names of the arguments, their types, whether they are IN, OUT, or INOUT arguments. and further details if relevant (such as when B has to be set if Beta is not zero).