Blender and new driver

Hi everyone, I have good news, the problem is not the Nvida drivers,

I did the following, I installed Windows 11 home on an external ssd drive via usb cable with “WindowsToGo”
I then restarted the PC with the external drive and let the Windows 11 home drivers update via ethernet cable. (about 2h)

After the first Windows setup I started Z GPU and it showed me the 536.67 drivers but without the Vulkan and PhsyX checkboxes

I then started Blender 3.6.1 and it found the GPU and CPU

I also tried with the latest version of Blender 3.6.4 and the same result. GPU ok

I then installed the 537.58 drivers and successfully Z gpu showed me all the checkboxes working.

I started Blender 3.6.1 and it displayed GPU and CPU on

last test with Blender 3.6.4 same result GPU ok
time spent (2h 30m)

now the problem remains that the internal drive of the laptop has remained the same with Windows 11 and for now I cannot reformat it.

Thanks anyway