Blender crashes on startup with NVIDIA OpenGL Driver error code 3 (subcode7)

I want to use the portable version of Blender 2.93 on my new Windows PC,
but it crashes at the moment of startup.

Below is the debug log of my blender.exe.
But I have no idea where the problem is happening and what to do.
The file path contains only English letters.

Switching to fully guarded memory allocator.
OpenColorIO Error: Error could not read ‘C:\Users\user name\ヌケッ~1\3DCG\BLENDE~1.18\2.93\DATAFI~1\COLORM~1\CONFIG~1.OCI’ OCIO profile.
I0209 01:50:30.265458 15224 blender_python.cpp:195] Debug flags initialized to:
CPU flags:
AVX2 : True
AVX : True
SSE4.1 : True
SSE3 : True
SSE2 : True
BVH layout : EMBREE
Split : False
CUDA flags:
Adaptive Compile : False
OptiX flags:
CUDA streams : 1
OpenCL flags:
Device type : NONE
Debug : False
Memory limit : 0
I0209 01:50:32.828083 15224 device_opencl.cpp:58] Skip initializing CLEW, platform is force disabled.
I0209 01:50:32.828083 15224 device_cuda.cpp:41] CUEW initialization succeeded
I0209 01:50:32.828083 15224 device_cuda.cpp:43] Found precompiled kernels

And I referred to the event viewer, and I got an error like

“Unable to recover from a kernel exception. the application must close. error code: 3 (subcode 7) (pid=11244 tid=1144 blender.exe 64bit)”.

The following are workarounds I tried, but they did not work.

-Change the power settings from the NVIDIA control panel.
-Uninstall the NVIDIA driver with DDU and reinstall other drivers.
-Install/Uninstall chipset drivers
-Place OpenGL in the same directory as Blender.exe
-Install another version of Blender.
-Disable HAGS
-Disable rBAR
-Clean install OS.

PC configuration is as follows

OS : Windows11 Pro
MB : Asrock Steel Legend B550M
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 (studio 551.23)
RAM : DDR4-3200 16GB x 2

How can I solve this problem?
Thank you.

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