Blender hidden object

In Blender, I add a Bolean modifier to an object allowing to create a ‘hole’ from another object hidden (Difference).
With the migration to USD and Omniverse View, I can’t reproduce this hole.
Thanks for your help

Hello @rjosien! I am checking in with the dev team on an answer to your question. Appreciate you reaching out to us!

Just wanted to make sure we reference this post here: Blender hidden object

Hi @rjosien. This appears to be a known issue where concave polygons don’t render correctly in Create or usdview. One workaround is to triangulate the polygon in Blender prior to exporting to USD. Please let me know if you have questions.

Just to share the results of move from Blender to Omniverse with regards to the windows…
I created the windows with a standard Blender Archi plug-in that also uses the technique of Boolean modifier to hidden objects…
Not sure I understand the proposed workaround?