Just wondering, Is Omniverse planning to support Blender users working on Mac M1 chips? For a 3D artist who had to collaborate on Omniverse, it is extremely time-consuming to transform files between Mac to Windows/Linux in order to have the Right USD file for later workflows. (The mac version of Blender Does have the USD Exporting Option, But the Material stuff Doesn’t work in Omniverse. Hope Omniverse developers have noticed that. And even the USD file exported from the Omniverse version Blender doesn’t work properly, the displacement and normal maps I made in Blender-ShadeEditor are often lost after importing the USD in Omniverse.)

Hello @yuanmiaomiao1994! I posted this on your other post, but I will copy here so that you and others can see the response.

We do have plans to support Macs, I searched the development tickets for MacOS support and it looks like the development team is working on a design plan. Unfortunately, I do not have any dates for when MacOS support will be available.

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