Blendshape Names?

I’ve finally got a CC3+ character exported and working in Audio2Face, but I notice that the blendshape names are not helpful at all (and will make doing anything with the export harder). If I export from CC to Blender as FBX the blendshape names are maintained, so I think it’s a connector export problem?

Hi @josh.harle! I have notified the dev team about this post. Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi Josh.Harie,

so I think it’s a connector export problem?

indeed, it’s CC connector export bug, we forgot to keep the blendshape names.
It is fixed in the upcoming version.
Does this block your working pipeline?

Weien Reallusion

Hi Weien,

Yes, practically. When is the new version coming out? Is there any way to subscribe to a beta test channel?


Hi Josh,

This is Miranda, the Product Marketing Manager at Reallusion. Regarding the beta test, please contact me at

The current Beta we are running is baking the Audio2Face blendshapes back to iClone. You may refer to Reallusion Forum for details.