Blendshape Solver doesn't apply on bs mesh

Hi guys, I’m new with A2F and followed a guidance for preparation of an export for metahumans.

I tried the default setup with “mark” and the “mark_bs_46.usd” which I dragged in, then created a Blendshape Solver as you can see in my screenshot. But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work at all.

Can someone guide me into the right direction? I’m not sure which steps I forgot.

Thank you very much!

Do you get get error? Please note that before Exporting Weights, you need to select the blendShape solver node inside the BlendShape Conversion section of A2F Data Conversion tab.

Thanks for your quick reply. Oh yes, I forgot to look into the console, and yes my bad. I forgot that I first tried to get pythonosc working and I had some “bad code” in the I removed this code and now it works perfectly. Thanks.

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