blinking screen on Ubuntu Server 10.04

I have some HP Z800, each equipped with two C2050 GPUs and using Ubuntu 10.04 server. The monitor is connected with one of the GPU card. The nVidia driver is 280.13. Each time the machine is booted up, in order to be able to see the cards as CUDA-enabled GPUs (otherwise, when I run a CUDA program, an error with “no CUDA-enabled GPU is detected” is returned), I have to run ./deviceQuery as root first (and once time only). I’m not sure if there’s a solution for not to doing this or not.

Also, after running ./deviceQuery, the screen become blinking, and I cannot get access to the terminal locally, i.e. I still can connect to the machine remotely, but the blinking screen block access to the terminal, even I tried to switch to different consoles using Ctrl-F1…F7. This doesn’t happen with the machine that I have Ubuntu Desktop version.