Block Scheduler

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Just like thread warp schedulers, is there any block scheduler ?

And,is the scheduling done by this block dynamic ?

Say, N blocks are scheduled on an SM.
What happens after the first block completes the execution. Does the block scheduler bring in a new block immediately to fill up the just emptied block slot on the SM.
Does the scheduler waits till all the N blocks on the SM are executed and then schedules another N blocks.

This will matter in case, there are some blocks which do not perform any computation and this is known only at runtime depending on some random input.

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On pre-Fermi cards all blocks on a SM have to finish executing before new blocks can be scheduled. Fermi probably has a more sophisticated scheduler, but this is only speculation for now.

If you have time, check

Those were pre-fermi days… and I dont know what has changed with FERMI. Hopefully they got the scheduling optimal…

Thanks Sarnath ! That was indeed time taking …but helped a ton !!