Blocking and stopping of jetson nano when using a coil relay.

Good Morning,
We are using a Jetson nano and also a Jetson TX2 for the realization of a project in which, under certain conditions, we have to activate one of the GPIO outputs. With that GPIO output, we are attacking a relay. Which, until now, was made with a coil, from now on we are thinking to use them of the kind of solid state. The question is this: Is it normal that platforms are often blocked and that even the nano stops completely when we make them work under the conditions described? Is it possible that these stops were made by attacking a coil relay or, this would have nothing to do with it?


If you’re connecting the relay coil directly to the GPIO pins and you don’t have a flyback diode across the coil, then when the coil is de-energized, it will generate a voltage spike back to GPIO pins. That could certainly cause issues, and even damage.

I would say go with a solid state relay if you can and if not, make sure you have a flyback diode across the coil to absorb the spike.

Additional note: None of the GPIO have any significant ability to provide the kind of current a normal relay coil would require (even if the coil doesn’t damage the unit I’d expect it to not work correctly for lack of current supply). Some solid state relays require more current than others, but the solid state might possibly work without additional circuits. If not, then you need some kind of buffer.

Thank you for your prompt responses.
I have been using a relay made to use with Arduino, (with all necessary auxiliar circuits), and with the jetson tx2 it was normally working well. But not with the jetson nano. Maybe, another possible source of failure was that the quality of power supply used with the jetson nano was not the best.

Anyway, thanks for your answers.