Blocking Shadowplay from recording my sensitive application content on windows

Hi all,
I hope someone can help me as im not really a graphics develop per se. I have tried to search the docs but nothing obvious pops out.

I have a desktop application (written in win forms & C#) that is used to allow students to take exams. We currently block screen recording from things like OBS,Skype, print screen and snipping tool etc by setting the windows affinity to monitor only. However, this doesn’t stop students using the NVidia shadowplay recording features to record the exam content for potential distribution.

Are there any low level APIs that i can leverage in order to not allow my application to be recorded? Or is there another way i can stop the application from being recorded?

I have also looked into DRM and watermarking but the content isnt video based.

Thanks for any help in advance because im beginning to think this isnt possible.