Bloom gets blown out on closeup

I have these nice candles from UE marketplace:Megascans Goddess Temple in Environments - UE Marketplace

Now if I use the FTT bloom, see what happens:

They are ok at the beginning, but when camera slides closer, they are blown out.
Bloom settings are default, but scale is dropped to 0.3

Could there be any workaround for this problem? I love the Bloom efx.

You might start by ensuring that you’re using realistic camera and bloom settings. Here’s a test I did of a single “candle” (just a stretched sphere atop a cylinder) with an f-Stop of 1.4 and a focal length of 35 in both the camera and Bloom properties
. Bloom scale 0.3. It seems to behave realistically when moving the camera.

Thanks! I think I got it made.

The solution was to

  1. make reasonable camera settings you described. Gonna be something I shall do always in future, to start with.
  2. I found out the flame efx material and lowered the main Albedo + Alpha “W” value:

That was the main reason, they were super bright.
Maybe content from UE marketplace tend to have this kind of camera settings, different f-stop as default?

With RTX Real-Time it looks like this:

I think one of the biggest benefits in Omniverse is the similiar look of real-time and path-traced renders… Maybe here is something that needs to be investigated?
I focus on real-time renders at least for now. So I have to change radically these settings :P

Hey, looks like there is something extra going on with this UE marketplace candle flame… I used exactly those settings you asked and here is a shot with those candles:

The flames ( most of them not all ) are now all the time out of focus. Do you have time time to check what it is with them? I can send you the converted USD objects, or you can access the same thing from UE marketplace. I think it is worth of figuring out since those flame effects are pretty good in quality.

I managed to make the bloom to work:

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Today I made the bloom even more natural looking and also used different animated camera focal length values: