Blue screen after rebooting and logging in, Ctrl+Alt+f1 does not bring up the command line

The DrivePX was on and working fine running samples. I then reboot using the UI’s Power->Shut Down->Reboot. The login screen then shows up as usual;, I log in and then after a few seconds I get a fully blue screen with no text - but I can see and move my cursor. I’ve noticed that the blue screen issue is common for Ubuntu, however in my case I cannot use the recommended fixes on other forums because no command line shows up. On the blue screen, when I type Ctrl+Alt+f1, the screen goes black as the monitor loses input. Typing Ctrl+Alt+f7 brings back the blue screen but this is all I can do. I’ve tried turning on and off the Drive PX several times but the same result occurs.

Dear bbauerly,

Could you refer to below link for your topic?

“The blue screen issue was fixed after running sudo dpkg --configure -a”

I read that thread before posting, and unfortunately I cannot get to a command line to issue that command. As stated earlier, Ctrl+Alt+f1 does not bring me to a command line.

Dear bbauerly,

Could you please access your DPX2 via ssh or minicom and try to run the command?