Blue Screen of Death While Installing Latest Version

I got a Tesla k80 online and have been trying to get it up and running for the past few days. It’s been a rough learning curve but I have made it almost all the way to the finish… but… the last step I need to make it comparable with my software is to install Cuda. While installing the latest released version it makes it about 60-70% before the Windows OS puts up the “System Error” or “blue screen of death” and attempts to fix the system. Sadly it never does and I start all over with a fresh install of windows 10 and off we go again. I have been down this road 3 times now and it’s obviously a Cuda issue. Is this a know issue? Is there a missing step besides “click the installer”?

It’s possible the system you have the K80 installed in is not properly designed to support the K80 (e.g. BAR carveouts). In that case I would expect that attempting to install the GPU driver would likely result in trouble.

There’s really no statement from NVIDIA that a K80 can be plugged into any arbitrary system and it will work correctly. If you do some searching on these forums you will find reports from others who have tried this (albeit mostly on linux from what I have seen) and had mixed results.