Blue Screen

New Jetson TX2 gives me a blue screen. How do I reflash the device from my Mac please?

It might be a video mode mismatch, depending on your monitor and adaptors if any.
Do you have a serial console, or can you see the Jetson through network (ssh ?).

No, not sure its IP. Can I start a fresh and update to the latest version ?

Yes, but JetPack for flashing your Jetson is intended to be run from a native linux Ubuntu 14.04 x86 host. It seems to be possible from Mac with VirtualBox. Check this thread

The default JTX2 o/s is L4T R27.0.1 (Ubuntu 16.04 with NVIDIA hardware acceleration files added). This version had some lockups with blue screen…R27.1 fixes that.

Flashing at a minimum requires an X86_64 Linux o/s host with a native Linux file system type…the flash binary runs on that. Using the JetPack frontend requires specifically Ubuntu 14.04. In all cases you’d connect via the micro-USB connector for the flash stage (other stages for JetPack use the wired ethernet).

One option is a VM, but it is discouraged because of a history of trouble setting up the USB2 port on the VM. Sometimes it works, sometimes tweaks are needed…I couldn’t tell you how to do that, but typically it involves adding more buffer on the VM USB. Also, a VM USB should be set to USB2, not USB3.

FYI, the download page for JetPack and flashing (flash by itself uses the driver package plus sample rootfs) is:

I have the same issue of blue screen. When I reflash Jetson, there is an error saying “probing the target board failed.Make sure the target board is connected through micro-B USB port and is in recovery mode.”

However, the command ‘lsusb’ shows ‘Nvidia Corp’ is in the list. It means there is nothing wrong with the micro-B.

Besides, the power LED and recovery mode LED are lighting.

The default R27.0.1 had some issues like the blue screen, but I’ve not seen it on later releases. Flashing is probably the correct way to go. Is the failed flash on the developer kit board? Or is this from a different board?

Is your host a native Linux install? VMs usually fail. Also, if you try to flash twice without restarting the Jetson in recovery mode this would cause failure. Sometimes using third party micro-B USB cables will be a problem since many are used only for charging.