Bluefield-2 and VFE(vDPA over VirtIO Full Emulation)

Does Bluefield-2 supports VFE(vDPA over VirtIO Full Emulation) ? Is there any function/performace reports?

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Yes, vDPA over VirtIO Full Emulation is supported for BF2. Chapter 5 of the “NVIDIA DOCA Emulated Devices” describes this →

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We conducted testing by following the steps in the documentation to set up the environment and encountered two issues:

  1. When we set the number of VM network card queues to more than 15, QEMU fails to start and logs the message “you are asking more queues than supported: 15.”
  2. After starting the VM, it appears that the VM’s packet reception performance is only around 1.6Mpps, and when receiving packets at around 1 Mpps, the VM begins to experience packet loss.

Are these two issues reasonable?

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