BlueField 2 image

Hi all,
Is it possible to do a full image backup of the BlueField 2 that I could restore later on?
I am developing a solution on a shared infrastructure (CloudLab) and when I finish my experiment I’d like to save everything and restore the state at once when I continue later on.

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Have you tried to dd from device to a file? dd if=/dev/rshim0/boot of=/cm/images/bluefield-2/PDU-2-%date.img bs=4k ?

A bit related question;

I’d like to PXE-boot the DPUs on a separate DPU management VLAN. I’m using Bright CM, which I guess soon will be called Nvidia CM. ;) Anyway, any pointers on how to set up Bluefield-2 to PXE over oob_net0 would be nice. Possible?