Bluefield-2 Powercycle via ipmitool


Recently we have been using ipmitool to power cycle the Bluefield-2 DPU however this does not seem to work as expected.
We use the “ipmitool chassis power cycle” command on DPU and after that we check immediately if the power is gone with “ipmitool chassis power status” via lanplus from the host (we can also issue cycle command with lanplus from host). Status always returns Chassis Power is on. In order to make sure we have also tried the same test with “ipmitool chassis power off” but result is the same. Power cycle command causes DPU to lose connection and restart however power off command is compeletely unresponsive, it does not affect anything.



  • “ipmitool chassis power cycle” and “ipmitool chassis power off” from DPU


  • “ipmitool chassis power status” to give “Chassis Power is off” on Host via lanplus


  • “ipmitool chassis power status” has given “Chassis Power on” on Host via lanplus

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Please try to use the last BFB and retest it.
if still have issue, please contact

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