Bluefield2 BIOS Settings


I wonder does Bluefield2 have performance-related and power-saving BIOs settings such as Power, C-state, P-state, CPU frequency, memory state and any performance-related and power-saving BIOs settings mentioned by Open vSwitch with DPDK — Open vSwitch 3.2.90 documentation and Understanding BIOS Configuration for Performance Tuning ( If yes, how to view the current settings and how to change them? Thanks!

Hi @wsf123 ,

We publish DPDK performance reports, which are available at this link.
These reports include BlueField2 test cases and relevant settings.


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Hi @chenh1,

Thanks for sharing. One question about “other optimizations” of Bluefield2 experiment. It is mentioned in other optimizations 3) that we should “Move all IRQs to far NUMA node: “IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS=$LOCAL_NUMA_CPUMAP irqbalance --oneshot””. However, Bluefield2 only has one numa node. Does this mean we can just skip this optimization since there is no far NUMA node? Thanks!