Bluetooth Connection to PC


I have a question regarding Bluetooth.

I have successfully connected the Bluetooth dongle (4.0) currently plugged into my PC to the Jetson Orin Nano.

It says the connection is via audio.

However, I want to receive data from my PC, which causes Bluetooth error 104.

Can you tell me how to send data in 1 byte units from a PC?

Should I use an adapter other than the Bluetooth dongle?

Also, is it possible to enable serial communication?

Or do I need to change the Bluetooth settings?

Hi chyy111,

You can connect Bluetooth from setting, if your BT device is audio, please follow document steps to enable Bluetooth audio and try again:

I want a connection to communicate data from my PC, not audio.

please check some other ubuntu community about this.

Basically this is ubuntu bluetooth things which we may not have expertise.

For example, you may ask same question even when it runs on another ubuntu x86 laptop.

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