Bluetooth HC-05/06 on the jetson Nano

I have a custom carrier board of the jetson nano that doesn’t have a M.2 key for adding regular wifi/BT modules like in the original carrier board.

I though maybe I can use the HC-05 module (or something like it) with the GPIO pins. I tried this before on arduino Uno, but I wonder if someone has tried it and could share with me his experience.

I am mostly interested in:

  • How to configure GPIO pins for this task
  • How to use python to send data / receive data via bluetooth ?
  • Is it the same as using a regular module? Meaning that I can use the same python library pyBluez

Thanks so much :)

Other users may share their experience. We only have the m.2 key method, which uses PCIe and USB to make wifi/BT card work.

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